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PBYCNJ article about Junior Sailing Sock Burning and S'mores night

In celebration of the first day of the Junior Sailing season, we will be having a Sock Burning & S'mores Night on June 26th!

The Sock Burning is a maritime tradition of celebrating the Spring Equinox and the start of boating season. The tradition began with Capt. Bob Turner (who managed the Annapolis Yacht Yard at the time) in the 1978, removed his winter socks with the arrival of spring, burned them and invited his fellow colleagues to do the same. It was a symbolic gesture of "out with the winter, in with spring" (and besides, socks don't really go with boat shoes).

Since then, the tradition has grown into a social event for many yacht clubs.

We would like to thank the Lill family is hosting this year's Sock Burning and S'mores Party!